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Parent Advisory Council

About PAC

The CJMS PAC’s mission is to promote school spirit and enrichment at CJMS. If you have a child attending CJMS, you are a PAC member. If you are unable to attend the monthly meeting, notify any one of the PAC officers and they will be glad to let you know how you can assist for one hour or possibly be an on-going volunteer. Volunteers are extremely welcome at CJMS.

PAC parents may assist in volunteer activities such as working in the library, selling concessions for after school activities, assisting with the Square 1 Art program, career day, and school pictures. Others volunteer on their lunch hour, bake items for special events or sales, chaperone fun night celebrations in the evenings, assist with the monthly newsletter mailings, go on field trips, and help teachers or teams with special projects. Even if you work full time there are activities for which you can volunteer.

CJMS PAC Information

If you would like to receive monthly updates of our Minutes and other information to keep you informed about CJMS, please email us at and ask us to include you on the distribution list. You will only receive 1 to 3 emails per month. If you are on Facebook, you can also get updates and school-reminders in your Newsfeed! Find us at and LIKE our page.

PAC Fundraisers Goals

With money fundraised last year in combination with the support of the Bozeman School District Facilities Department, we were finally able to place an order for two signs for our school. The first one is a monument Announcement Sign located at the front of the school; the second one will be justthe school logo with our school name on the building facing Ferguson st. It is our hope to have the signs installed by Summer 2024. For more information contact


PAC Meetings:

  • Meetings focus on enrichment projects and include a report from the principal.
  • When: 1st Thursday the month. Meetings are every other month.
PAC Officers
  • President - Veronica Swallow
  • Vice President - Brianna Moore
  • Secretary - Tammy Niemeyer
  • Treasurer -  Hillary Woodard
  • Volunteer Coordinator -