Grade Level Teams

6th Grade
Blue 6
Jay Colombo Science, Social Studies [email protected]
Allison Duncan Social Studies, English Language Arts [email protected]
Heather Fisher English Language Arts, Health [email protected]
Cynthia McBride Math, Compacted 6/7 Math [email protected]
Tonya Shonkwiler Resource Teacher  [email protected]

Red 6
Avi Katz Social Studies, English Language Arts [email protected]
Karissa Ketterling Science [email protected]
Kara Nelson Math, Compacted 6/7 Math [email protected]
Alison Troxel Health [email protected]
Veronica Watrerud  English Language Arts, Social Studies [email protected]
Shannon Solyst Resource Teacher [email protected]

7th Grade
Blue 7
Kelly Huse Health [email protected]
Charissa Johaneson Math, Compacted 7/8 Math [email protected]
Corrie Owens English Language Arts, Social Studies [email protected]
Aimee Stephens Science, Social Studies [email protected]
Katie Becker Resource Teacher [email protected]

Red 7
Katrina Bitz Science, [email protected]
Taylor Clark Social Studies [email protected]
Nan Koentopp Math, Compacted 7/8 Math [email protected]
Kelley Meyer English Language Arts [email protected]
Jordan Petersen Health [email protected]
Adam Duncan Resource Teacher [email protected]

8th Grade
Blue 8
Jake Bleskin Health [email protected]
Stacey Boujoukous Social Studies [email protected]
Michelle Holt English Language Arts [email protected]
Talia Martin Science [email protected]
Alex Peck Math, Social Studies [email protected]
Mosey Hardin Resource [email protected]

Red 8 
Ginger Bohannon  Social Studies, English Language Arts  [email protected]
Johnny Graham Health, Social Studies [email protected]
Katie Mitchell Math, Algebra [email protected]
Jen Schmidt Science, English Language Arts [email protected]
Brandon Tyrrell Resource Teacher [email protected]

Lifeskills Teachers
Bryce Lingle Life Skills, Social Skills, Math, English [email protected]
McKenzie Carney Life Skills, Social Skills, Math, English [email protected]

Elective Teachers
Eric Matthews Tech Ed I & II,  Computer Science, Video Production & Photography [email protected]
Becca Stevens Drama, Theatre/ Drama [email protected]
Megan Boettcher Art, Ceramics [email protected]
Madelyn Kennedy Art II, Reading/ Writing Challenge, Math Challenge, World of Work [email protected]
Carol Zimmer Family and Consumer Science I & II [email protected]
Mona Carroll  Spanish, Global Awareness [email protected]
Barb Dralle German, Global Awareness [email protected]
Linnea Skoog French [email protected]
Shelley Currie Literacy Workshop [email protected]
Coreene Masse Math Strategies [email protected]
Heide Brandin  World Music [email protected]
Michel Sticka Band [email protected]
Chandra Lind Orchestra [email protected]
Margie Phillips  Choir [email protected]

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